Borussia Dortmund's women's handballers prevailed in their last home match of the season. Coach André Fuhr's team defeated HSG Bad Wildungen Vipers 39-29 (21-12) on Saturday evening at Halle Wellinghofen.

Bad Wildungen made every effort to keep the game close, equalising again and again in the opening stages (3-3, 4th minute), but then made a few mistakes, which BVB took advantage of and pulled away to a 7-4 lead. The fact that Bad Wildungen stayed in it was clearly thanks to their strong goalkeeper Manuela Brütsch, who made a string of great saves in the opening 15 minutes alone. On the other hand, BVB goalkeeper Yara ten Holte was also at the top of her game, saving three seven-metre shots in the first half alone as well.

With the score at 12-9 in the 16th minute, Bad Wildungen's coach Tessa Bremmer took the first time-out, but could not prevent the Borussians from pulling away goal by goal. The BVB Express picked up pace and the defence did not allow any more goals against the visitors, who now seemed more and more overwhelmed. The visitors remained without a goal for six minutes and only scored again through Annika Ingenpass in the 23rd minute to make it 10-17. When Jennifer Gutiérrez increased the lead to 20-10  in the 25th minute with a remarkable goal from the left wing, the match was as good as decided.

Borussia coach André Fuhr was able to substitute in the bench players five minutes before the break. BVB went into the half-time break with a 21-12 lead.

However, the visitors did not give up. They quickly reduced the deficit to five goals before BVB picked up the tempo again. Haruno Sasaki increased the lead with a beautiful goal to 27-20 in the 39th minute. Just like in the first half, BVB grew stronger as the game wore on. When Tina Abdulla increased the lead to 32-22, BVB enjoyed a ten-goal advantage again in the 46th minute.

In the end, the final score was 39-29, and all BVB players found their way onto the scoresheet - including youth team player Jana Nordberg, who scored a penalty kick to make it 37-24 in the 54th minute. All in all, it proved a fitting result for the last home game of the season.

Before the game, BVB said goodbye to those players who will no longer be playing in Dortmund in the coming season. The fans thanked them with long applause. A total of 10 players will no longer be with the team in the 2022/23 season: Tessa van Zijl, Fatos Kücükyildiz, Laura van der Heijden, Paulina Uscinowicz, Mie Sando, Merel Freriks, Viktoria Woth, Tina Abdulla, Jennifer Gutiérrez Bermejo and Jackie Moreno, who unfortunately was not present due to illness.

The last Bundesliga match of the 2021/22 season is next Saturday at Thüringer HC.

BVB: ten Holte (1), Stannies; Grijseels (4/2), Zschocke (1), Sando (2), van Zijl (4), Abdulla (4), Gutiérrez Bermejo (7), Freriks (6), Sasaki (2), van der Heijden (5), Rønning (1), Nordberg (1), Uscinowicz (1)