Ten years after opening, the club museum - the BORUSSEUM - is set for an all-new redesign and refurbishment. There's just one thing that won't change: the museum's core philosophy - ''for fans by fans'' - will remain the same.

Refurbishment works mean that the official Borussia Dortmund museum will close for several months. Sunday 2 June 2019 is the last day that the museum will remain open in its current form. ''For fans by fans! - this will remain the core philosophy after the refurbishment works,'' said Dr. Reinhold Lunow, chief treasurer at BVB. ''Everything that's proved a hit with visitors in the past will now be presented in a more up-to-date form.'' Lunow also outlined further aspirations for the refurbishment of the museum: ''I hope that the BORUSSEUM can use Borussia Dortmund's fame and prestige as a means of educating visitors on important social values such as tolerance, diversity and democracy.''

The BVB museum is scheduled to reopen its doors on the 110th anniversary of the foundation of the club - 19 December 2019. The numerous highs and lows the club has experienced over the years will be presented in all-new form. If there's one sentence that the club treasurer hopes that visitors will write on the feedback form upon leaving the museum? - ''Now that's the BVB I know and love!'', says Lunow. ''If our visitors come away saying that then we'll know we've done a good job.''